The wendigo are among the most feared spirits of the Lake, and are linked to Matchi-auwish. They are the evils of cannibalism and greed made corporeal, capable of possessing men and elves and turning them into starving, mad, murderous shells of themselves. They are most common on the North Shore of the lake (known as the Wendigo Coast) and sometimes assoicate with other spirits such as maymaygweshi or beings such as dragons or giants in order to cause more sorrow and grief to humans and elves. Silver weapons and other holy objects and relics are dangerous to it; ordinary weapons cannot harm it.

The PCs' memory of the Wendigo of Old Tammisaari:

 You hear a howl in the breeze that wasn't there before, a sort of screeching cry that you haven't heard before. It could be a bird of some kind, but it sounds more grave and shrill, somehow rasping like a voice of someone in distress, calling to you from very far away.

The wendigo looks like a rotted corpse missing its lower half, riding a trail of sickly blue-gray vapors with burning flames in its eye sockets