Plus    Raw Materials Cost     Retail    Odds of Succeeding at LV 12
(fail – bill at 1/2 retail)

+1          250cp                  750cp            75%
+2          750cp                 1500cp           60%
+3        3500cp*             10,000cp           25%
+4     12,000cp*            40,000cp            10%
+5     60,000cp*            50,000cp              0%

  • This raw materials cost assumes the rare and valuable materials are even on hand – they may well not be, and a quest may be required to obtain them.

+5% for every mage level above 12
+5% if enchanting a weapon of quality into a magical weapon
-5% if adding a minor power (continual light, magic missile)
-15% if adding a major power (flight, fireball, charm, cold, heat)
-30% if adding a great power