As a young man, Waking Moon and a number of other Thunderbird Clan braves were on a scouting patrol along the lake’s northern coast when they encountered a wendigo. The creature decimated the party, leaving every man but Waking Moon, who suffered a shattered left leg and permanently blinded left eye, dead or dying. Crippled, and with his friends and brothers dying around him, Waking Moon swore to his Thunderbird diety that he’d devote the rest of his existence to preserving life. Thunderbird clansmen still swear to this day that they saw his unconscious body returned to their camp by a gigantic eagle, but Waking Moon has never breathed a word about it.

The New Brevik Travelers encountered him in a jail cell in Tammisaari, where he was imprisoned for refusing to provide information about the strength and locations of the Ojibwe tribes of the lake’s Western shores after his capture by the island’s elvish forces. He joined them in their escape, providing his healing talents when he was sufficiently convinced that their aims were one and the same.