House Vainola is one of the two royal houses of Isle Royale, along with House Pellervoinen. (Any of the 12 existing houses could, in theory, elect a king, but only the Vainolas and Pellervoinens have done it since the establishment of the elven settlement on Isle Royale. The previous king hailed from House Vainola until his removal in the Vote of February, and its head is Yarina Vainola.

Commercial Interests

Weapons and armor


Formerly: Copper mining, Gem mining, Mithril mining (all lost due to defections or confiscations after the Vote of February)



Maalo Forest

Formerly: Lojo (lost to defections)

Formerly: Kouvola (destroyed by the Eagle Clan)

Formerly: The Shore (near Thunderbird clan - lost to the new king)

Elves at Arms (Estimated)

125 (reduced by defections after the Vote of February from 250)

Symbol and Motto

The birchbark crown; "We rule by serving"