The Wendigo's Hand is the name of the merchant sailing ship purchased in Tammisaari by the New Brevik Travelers. It is armed with a harpoon gun and can carry 10 passengers comfortably. It has a two-person canoe strapped to one side, and its berthing rights in Tammisaari are paid up through November of 814. The ship's name is a reference to the hand of Plougastel the Monk.

The Wendigo's Hand: 10 hull points, 10-person capacity, harpoon gun with one charge (good for 10 shots of 3-18dm or 1-4 hull points each). Deck size is roughly 25' by 20'. There is enough room below deck for two people to sleep comfortable, or four to sleep cramped. War Eagle's Wondrous Wigiwam just barely fits on deck when the ship's sails are furled and it is at anchor.