Shadow Flyer (Illusionist Spell)

Level 3  Components: V, S, M
Range: 1/4 mile per level  Casting time: 1 round
Duration: 1 turn/level  Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Special

Shadow flyer conjures into being a black, dragonlike creature about the size of a horse. The shadow flyer cruises at a 1/2 mile a turn, flying as a drake or eagle might. The illusionist can see what the flyer sees, and the flyer can fly near to the ground or far from it. Collisions with solid objects (including projectiles) dispel the flyer - it is AC 2 when moving at top speed. The flyer can be deliberately crash landed into an object or creature, in which case it blows up in a small but dangerous explosion that does 1-4 fire damage per level of the illusionist; save for half. Material component is an agate worth 10cp or more.