The Dwarven paladin Olmundr Einarsson was once a member of the New Brevik Travelers before falling under the sway of a daemonic fire ring. This is the account of his departure from the group:

The past couple of weeks have been punishing for your group. Olmundr has been in the grip of madness brought on a cursed firewalker ring that he wore. When not actually proximate to a lit fire, he shivers with cold, and the clerics of Odin and Thor have been unable to uncurse or otherwise remove the ring. He has also been hearing voices calling to him from the darkness at night. The general consensus is that the fire shrine at Iron Mountain, at least a couple weeks' travel away through sometimes dangerous Crane Clane and Cree territory, is the best chance to have the ring removed. You've been gearing up for the expedition, delaying only to give one of Olmundr's blood relatives from one of the southern mines a chance to join your expedition.

It's the night before the expedition, and you are awokened by a red glow reminscient of a smokey sunrise. You realize quickly that it's not daylight; it's fire, and your drag yourselves from your beds and grab your gear.

As you groggily assemble outside the house, you realize three things in serial: One, the forest is on fire;

Two, Olmundr is taking off in one of your canoes with three seemingly flaming figures;

Three, there is something between you and the remaining canoe, and it appears to be an ashy black human skeleton with red and yellow flames pouring from its nose, ears, mouth, and eyes. In its right hand, it holds a fiery long sword; in its left, a whip made from flames. It's backlit by burning trees, but also lighting up the night with its own fiery aura. It's headed your way.