Colors: Black and Brown
Population (rough): 6,000
Traditional Weapons: War club, long bow
Allies: Whitefish
Enemies: Crane Clan, Loon Clan, Serpent Clan
Manitou: Maudji-kawiss
Place of Power: Paradise / Tahquamenon

Special Weapons: Black Bear Arrows (save vs. paralyzation or be slowed to 1/2 attacks for four rounds)

Chief: The Equal Bird
Shaman: Big Rock in Sunlight 

Colors: Purple and Red
Population (rough): 3,000
Traditional Weapons: Spears, nets
Allies: Black Bear, Whitefish
Enemies: Crane Clane, Loon Clan
Manitou: Naniboujou
Place of Power: None / scattered

Special Weapons: Nets of Darkness (magical nets that entangle and blind for 2-5 rounds - can be thrown one-handed or used as traps)

Colors: White and Gray
Population (rough): 8,000
Traditional Weapons: Tridents, Bow and Arrows
Allies: Loon Clan, Serpent Clan
Enemies: Deer Clan, Black Bear Clan
Manitou: Chugan (Majimanitou)
Place of Power: Negaunee / Marquette

Special Weapons: Wintermoon arrows (freeze an enemy solid for an extra d6 damage; potions save vs. magic or explode)

Spell: Tchisaki-Winini LV 2 - Icemoon - Conjures a silver orb on round one; round two, roll to hit as Fighter of the same level to hit an opponent with a beam of cold (dm 1-4), round three dm 2-8 and slow to half speed, round four dm 2-8 slow to half speed, round five dm 1-4 return to normal speed, fades away) duration five rounds - cycle doesn’t start until beam hits

Colors: Brown and Red
Population (rough): 3,500
Traditional Weapons: Pike, tower shield
Allies: Frog Clan
Enemies: Duck Clan
Manitou: Mechekans
Place of Power: Porcupine Mountains

Special Weapons: Birch tower - Tall shield that magically reflects normal missiles when crouched behind and has a chance (as save vs. spell) to reflect magic missiles / lightning bolts / etc. (including pine needles) in a random forward direction

Colors:  Yellow and Orange
Population (rough): 8,500
Traditional Weapons: War clubs, Short bows
Allies: Giants
Enemies: Frog Clan, Moose Clan, Elves of Isle Royale
Manitou: Gichi Nita Ataaged (Majimanitou)
Place of Power: White Pine Fortress

Special Weapons: Pine Needles - 1 point of damage, but travel insanely fast and inflict one of four effects
1 - Thunderclap - Save vs. spell or be hurled backward and off your feet for 1-2 rounds
2 - Summer Rain - Save vs. spell or sleep for 1-4 rounds
3 - Prairie Fire - Save vs. spell or catch fire (d4, d4, d6, d8, d10 damage - stop at any point to roll or douse to stop spread of flames)
4 - Chain lightning - Do d6 to first target hit; leaps to next nearest target for 2d6, next for 3d6, next for 2d6, next for d6

Colors:  White and Green
Population (rough): 4,500
Traditional Weapons: Short swords, Long bows
Allies: Elves of Isle Royale, Moose Clan
Enemies: Giants, Duck Clan
Manitou: Zhaawans (South) Wind
Place of Power: Chequamegon / La Pointe

Special Weapons: The Great Swimmer - A warrior can be enchanted by a Tschisaki Winini to gain breathe water, withstand cold temperatures, and ogre strength (18/00) and tear canoes apart with his hands, or throw heavy rocks


Colors:  Red and Black
Population (rough): 6,500
Traditional Weapons: Dual-wielded short swords, Great bows
Allies: Giants, New Brevik, Dragons
Enemies: Other clans, specifically the Great Bear Clan
Manitou: Beboonikae (Majimanitou) or Thunderbird
Place of Power: Nemadji / Duluth

Special Weapons: Thunderbird Arrows (burst into flame for an additional d4 damage at velocity, can engulf opponent in flame if theyíre wearing flammable gear and fail save)


Colors: Yellow and Black
Population (rough): 5,000
Traditional Weapons: Hatchet, long bow
Allies: Elves of Isle Royale
Enemies: Giants, Thunderbird Clan, Wendigo, New Brevik (friend of my enemy = my enemy)
Manitou: Bangishimog (West) Wind
Place of Power: Patasamaug

Special weapons: Hatchet of Return (+2 hatchet, +d6 against evil enemies, can be thrown and will return to hand)

Great Bear Clan Arrows leave a cloud of fog or steam in their wake, obscuring vision - also +1


Colors: Green and Red
Population (rough): 4,000
Traditional Weapons: Two-handed sword, scimitar
Allies: Demons, pro-war segment of the Loon Clan
Enemies: Whitefish Clan, Great Bear Clan
Manitou: Meshupeshu (Majimanitou)
Place of Power: Wawa

Special weapons:

Blood Sword - a black basalt blade tempered by evil magic; does 1-10 hp damage. Half damage to evil creatures. Normal to neutral. +d4 to Neutral Good; +d6 to Chaotic Good; +d8 to Lawful Good.

Bloodwalker: A Serpent-Clan Tchisaki-Winini of LV 5 or higher can annoint a warrior a Bloodwalker.

DURATION: Sunrise to sunset.
COMPONENTS: Animal blood or human blood.
EFFECT: By painting a warrior in blood, the shaman gives the warrior +1 to hit, +3 damage. The warrior cannot wear armor for the duration of the spell. The warrior can also fight until brought to -10 HP (after that, death is instant and complete).

If human blood is used, go with +2 to hit, +4 damage, but there is a 5% / round cumulative chance during combat that the warrior goes insane, and attacks whoever is nearest until the spell runs down.


Color: Black
Population: 2,500
Traditional Weapon: War axe
Allies: None
Enemies: The living
Manitou: Matchi-auwish (Majimanitou)
Place of Power: Beneath Michipicoten Island

Special weapons: Soul-Taker Axe (perfect 20 - save versus spell or lose your soul to the axe)

Colors: Black and White
Population (rough): 7,500
Traditional Weapons: War club
Allies: Serpent Clan, Crane Clan
Enemies: Whitefish Clan (pro-war faction, at any rate)
Manitou: Maudji-kawiss, the warrior
Place of Power: Aalatara

Special Weapons: War Club of Thunder (+1, perfect 20 stuns for 2-5 rounds if save is failed; can also shatter walls, etc.)

Special War Clubs of Thunder also can let the user project into the Astral Plane

Chieftain: Little Loon (acting)

Colors: Green and Blue
Population (rough): 4,500
Traditional Weapons: Hatchet, long bow
Allies: New Brevik, Black Bear
Enemies: Loon Clan (pro-war faction), Serpent Clan
Manitou: Waaban (the East Wind)
Place of Power: Gete-Oodenaang

Special weapons: Whitefish Arrows (extra 1-6 damage to evil creatures, 2-12 damage to undead)

Chieftain: Leading Eagle

Colors: Red and White
Population (rough): 20,000, various clan groups all over Wisconsin
Traditional Weapons: Tomahawk, War Axe
Allies: Various inter clan feuds / alliances
Enemies: New Brevik
Manitou: Muuzu-Kummik-Quae
Place of Power: Wausau

Special weapons: Tomahawks that simulate lightning bolts, fireballs, rays of frost , Stinking Clouds, etc.