The "New Brevik Travelers" is the informal name of a group of adventurers originally based in New Brevik on Lake Superior. Among other exploits, they have defended the village of Bebetek against a ghost ship; helped finish off the maymaygweshi and rogue Ojibwe Bad Moon Clan; defeated the Demon of the Black Tower; stood with the dwarves and men and saved the life of Striped Cloud Woman during the Giant Raid of 812; and liberated the Monastery of Copper Point from the realm of the Gambler God, Gichi Nita Ataaged; slain the Wendigo of Old Tammisaari; slain the Wolf of Harmaja; driven the former king Pikko Vainola into exile after the Vote of February; and slain Kourahg the Old of Mt. Ukkova.

The group owns a cabin north of New Brevik, and a merchant ship called The Wendigo's Hand.


Bear Face, Ojibwe ranger of the Whitefish clan

Fenrir Einarsson, dwarven mage

Francis Benoit, half-Ojibwe half-Frankish rogue

Harl Jarllsson, Nordic druid

Jean-Francois LaLique, Frankish ranger

Osmotar, half-elven half-Cree illusionist

Plougastel, Frankish monk of the Sundergaart Order

Waking Moon, Ojbiwe medicine man of the Thunderbird clan

Ukko Forthwith, elven mage


Norii, elven mage, rumored to be in Ukkova searching for rare herbal spell components

Olmundr Einarsson, dwarven paladin, possessed and driven mad by the Daemonic Manitou Band of Fire, last seen heading south

Svangautr Dogfinnrson, Nordic cleric of Heimdall; traveled south as a missionary to Cree territory

SHARED WEALTH / OTHER NOTES (Updated 11/18/14)



Shared Magic Items

The Wendigo’s Hand – Merchant ship – Capacity 10, sleeps 4 comfortably below deck; Has a harpoon gun (3-18 hp or 1-4 hull points dm) with 17 charged harpoons; 2-person canoe strapped to side) – 10 hull points (currently damaged – at 2 hull points being repaired in Zhede-Zibiing for 1 sp per HP)

War Eagle’s Wondrous Wigiwaam – Carried like a birch bark folding fan – Max healing over night (4 hp per PC) – Healing spells cast within it cast for double – Cures disease for those who sleep in it overnight – Interior track and slit system to fire arrows / watch outside – roughly 15x15 foot circular base – can sleep 8 comfortably, 12 cramped

Great Bear Clan Wind Bird Totem (add ~10 mph tailwind when engaged)

Potion of Gaseous Form

The Flail of Sorrows

Manual of Feign Death – fake death for one turn if you make WIS check, once per day


1 potion of healing (3-18 hp - worth 2 markka)

3 Greater Medicines (3-24)


1 smoked salmon ration

4 smoked venison rations

2 whitefish rations

2 fungal rations


5 sp

15 cp

6 markka

36 penni


1 vintage bottles of Elven wine (1 markka each)

1 bottles of 20-year Dwarven whiskey (2 markka each)

Large sack of roasted coffee – worth 1 markka Signet Ring of House Lahtela


Two bullseye lanterns

One pint of oil

Two pick axes

3 suits of studded leather +1

2 +1 hand crossbows (1-4dm – 4-bolt magazines, 1 round to reload after that)

2 +1 short swords w/ D1 poison


Documents linking House Markkonen to slave trade

Loan documents: 90gp loan from House Markkonen to Jarl Dag Dalby

Book of maps – includes maps to Lost Mine in Serpent Clan territory, the Shrine of the Frost Demons past Great Bear Clan territory, and the Lost City of Alnarab near the City of Ghosts


Harl Jarllson 90 gp to Jarl Dag Dalby

Fenrir  90 gp to Jarl Dag Dalby

Svangautr Dogfinnrson 90 gp to Dag Dalby


Aarn Glarnock – Dwarven lieutenant, Northern barracks of New Brevik

Oino Valkinnen – Wood elf, logger in lumber camp on southern shore

Striped Cloud Woman – Daughter of Sound of a Flying Bird, Loon Clan

Fire on the Water – Warrior of the Loon Clan

Strong Rock – Fire Blower of the Whitefish Clan

Jean Martel – Junior partner in the Sieur Du Luth Trading Company (currently missing)

Anton Fassbinder – Head of the Fassbinder-Jansenn Clan

Derek O’Bannon – Sorcerer in Black Bear Clan Territory

Pikko Laandi – Thief at the Red Ogre Inn, Cliffsiders

Marika and Leo Pellervoinen – Contacts for PCs with Pellervoinens


Wolf at Midnight – Eagle Clan Chieftain

Little Loon – Loon Clan Shaman

Big Rock in Sunlight – Black Bear Clan Shaman