The Monastery of Copper Point was founded by monks of the Sundergaart Order in 760. The monks, having traveled all the way from New Trondheim, were seeking unspoiled country in which to meditate and study native lore and history.

The order has kept its numbers up by periodically sending brothers of the order back to New Trondheim to recruit promising young wastrels with the promise of solitude, study, and wilderness adventure. The monastery is known for its Belgaic beer and its Abbey Cakes.

The monastery vanished from the map in 809.

It was brought back to the Prime Material Plane in 812 by the heroic actions of the New Brevik Travelers.

The story of the monks, as told by Father Olaf, head of the Monastery, to the Travelers:

"We are here in this place to meditate and better worship Odin. But we are also here to listen to and record the stories of the native peoples. We have been told that certain stories can only be told in certain seasons, but we assumed this was native superstition. Apparently not.

We were reading and studying a summer story about Gichi Nita Ataaged, the gambler manitou, two winters ago, when suddenly he appeared, and declared that our entire monastery was forfeit unless we bested him in a game of chance. Gambling is strictly against our vows, but we felt that we had no choice under the circumstances. We played and lost, and suddenly we found ourselves placed in a dark sleep, dimly aware of the passage of time and disturbed by dreams of blood and death, but unable to move or communicate. Your actions have saved us, and we are grateful."