The majority of Ojibwe magic - be it spell, potion, or item - tends to be described as medicine, but medicine more specifically refers to herbal healing poultices that can be consumed or applied to wounds. They fall into four basic varieties, but there are others in the world.

Little Medicine - Heals 1-8hp. Typically costs 30 copper / 20 penni.

Medium Medicine - Heals 2-16hp. Typically costs 50 copper / 30 penni.

Grand Medicine - Heals 3-24 hp and cures disease, blindness, and other miscellanous ailments. Typically costs 1 gp / 60 penni. Rarely available in towns - 40% in Tammisaari, 25% in New Brevik, 10% anywhere else.

Spirit Medicine - Has a percentile change (DM's discretion) to treat major spiritual ailments including possession, lycanthropy, and curses. Typically costs 3 gp / 2 markka. Usually not obtainable in cities, and must be obtained with special permission of a Mashkiki-winini (shaman/healer).