Voyaguer Jacques Marquette has a semi-permanent camp about three days south and west of New Brevik inhabited by anywhere between 50 and 400 voyageurs and camp followers, depending upon whether it's winter or one of the two big annual rendezvous. It contains three standing shops, one selling weapons, one selling food, and one selling alcohol and sundries.

"You have arrived at the Marquette Camp, one of the last major voyageur outposts on the lake. It consists of a strong, timber palisade with four major towers at each corner, and a dozen smaller watch towers also located on the walls."

"You are brought to the main longhouse of the camp where you are introduced to Jean Marquette, the camp's chief. Even though he's in his late 50s, he is robust and sprightly, talking a mile a minute, his bushy red hair surrounding his face like a mane. He is armed with a breathtakingly gorgeous jewel-encrusted mithril fencing sword, known as the Spirit of the Mist."

A] Pierre-Luc's Weapon shop

Any regular weapon, 50cp
Arrows, dozen 24cp
Sling stones, 10 - 20cp
Arrow of the Shooting Star - creates 2-5 magic missiles at 2-5 each - scatter more or less at random among targets 20-80 feet ahead - 50cp each

B] Jamal Hassan's Food shop

Smoked herring ration: 24 cp
Smoked whitefish ration: 16 cp
Smoked salmon ration: 20 cp
Herring roe (4 oz.), served with crackers and dill cream: 5 cp
Sausage Rations:
Smoked     24 cp
Dry cured  20 cp

C] Alchol and sundries shop

Backpack         16 cp
Bedroll         20 cp
Candle         4 cp
Flask, Metal          39 cp
Flask, Glass          23 cp
Flint and Steel      14 cp
Torches, 5           2 cp
Hammer           15 cp
Nails (50)          5 cp
Lantern, Common     16 cp
Lantern, Bullseye     34 cp
Mirror, Small Steel      16 cp
Oil, Pint          35 cp
Pouch, Belt          15 cp
Hemp Rope, 20 feet     8 cp
Tent             60 cp
Fishing Pole/Tackle   20 cp
Fishhooks (10)      5 cp
Sack              5 cp