King Pikko Vainola of House Vainola asceded the Birch Throne of Isle Royale in 797, succeeding his well-regarded and long-reigning father, Martin Vainola. Until his removal in the Vote of February 814, he was the ruler of Isle Royale and the surrounding islands including the city of Tammisaari and the ruins of Old Tammisaari (which are still inhabited by his cousin, Jaana Rajala - the Lakewalker.) After the Vote, he fled Tammisaari along with his uncle, the lich Tomi Vainola, for parts unknown.

He was perceived by many as unready, and greatly polarized the mood in Tammisaari by locking the Pellervoinen family out of many key appointed positions (including many that were traditonally theirs to keep) and by pursuing a radically isolationist martial policy that put much of the rest of the lake (including New Brevik) at risk.

His key advisors included Loki Lekkman (killed by the New Brevik Travelers), Manfred Vainola (forced into retirement after the king's deposal), and his mistress Allesa Allavar (killed by unknown thieves, presumed by many to be the New Brevik Travelers.) The Horseman was his former enforcer in the Cliffsider section of town until his killing in the latter part of 813. His brother Maalo Vainola was the acting head of the family until the king's deposal; now his cousin Yarina Vainola, perceived as neutral toward the Pellervoinens, runs the much diminished former royal house.