Abandoned and raised in an orphanage in Chinmpigny-sur-Marne France until the age of ten, Jean-Francois Lalique fled and secretly boarded a boat headed for New France. Discovered as a stow-away in the mid-Atlantic, Jean-Francois was forced into servitude. Upon arrival in Quebec, he was delivered to a local fur trader where he spent the next 6 years cleaning and preparing pelts for delivery back to Paris. After murdering the merchant, Jean-Francois traveled to Susquehanock to meet with the native Huron Indians, having become proficient in their language after many fur trades. After settling there for several years, marrying an Algonquin woman and fathering three sons, Jean-Francois became famous in the region for brokering a trade agreement with the Lene Lenape people. Unfortunately small pox struck Susquehanock and Jean-Francois remained healthy while each of his sons was lost to the disease. His wife, stricken with grief, drown herself in the Delaware River. Leaving his adopted land behind, Jean-Francois set out to travel and live amongst the land, heading towards Lake Erie and eventually settling on the southern shores of Lake Superior. He is a member of the New Brevik Travelers.