The ambitious young Jarl Karl Onstad came to New Brevik in 807 with a vision of obtaining wealth for himself and his king: timber, gems, copper, silver, even rumored Skraeling gold and artifacts for the taking. In 809, he fell short on his first bi-annual tribute of 1,000 gold pieces, and another Jarl, the king's cousin Dag Dalby, came from overseas to "help" with the effort.

Where Onstad has negotiated treaties with Ojibwe clans in order to obtain mining and fishing rights, Dalby has pushed for more aggressive expansion into the region, taking according to the old Viking code. Recent council meetings have been tense.

Onstad was killed and his body seized during an attack on New Brevik by giants, undead, and maymaygweshi in 811. The king's cousin, Jarl Dag Dalby, is the current ruler of New Brevik.