Jarl Dag Dalby, cousin to King Hrothgar II of Nordland, came from overseas to New Brevik to push more forcefully for the extraction of resources from the Lake Superior region.

Where Jarl Karl Onstad has negotiated treaties with Ojibwe clans in order to obtain mining and fishing rights, Dalby has pushed for more aggressive expansion into the region, taking according to the old Viking code. Recent council meetings have been tense.

With Onstad's death in the Giant Raid of 812, Jarl Dag Dalby has ascendend to the position of Regent of New Brevik, leading its Council of Five. He entrusted his Red Sword to a group of adventurers in the hope that it would win military support from the Elven King of Isle Royale.

Dagby himself is 6 foot 6, and a fierce fighter. He sports a waist-length black beard and jet black hair, a carries a silver, rune-etched axe called Icicle that looks nearly as tall as he is. He is often accompanied by a team of four elite archers who maim his opponents until they can be finished with his axe.