Jaana Rajala is a powerful elven mage who refused to abandon her home in Old Tammisaari during its destruction in 777. She remains there to this day. She is the cousin of King Pikko Vainola. She is known as the Lakewalker after her water-walking, elemental-summoning performance defending Old Tammisaari.

From the PCs' encounter with Jaana:

The tower you have walked into is almost completely barren, just a light brown sandstone like interior, smooth and bare except for a spiral of silver-colored, foot-tall runes inscribed onto the wall, following the path of a spiral staircase that rises four stories tall to a room that you can't see from where you are on the first first story.

There is a massive oak desk here, covered in books and papers. Sitting at the desk is an elven woman with a lean, severe face, obviously old but not elderly, wearing a brown robe inscribed with silver runes. She is recopying an ancient text and barely looks up when you enter.

"Hello," she says. "I was half expecting you. I was also half expecting you to have been killed by the wendigo, so you have my congratulations for surviving it!"

PCs deliver note.

"Do you know what this note says? I presume that you don't."

She hands it to you. In Elven, it says:

"Greetings, Cousin;

Please destroy the bearers of this note. I will consider a personal favor."

And then there is the King's seal, and a ring of some value.

"The King and I have been on increasingly bad terms. He has turned bitter toward the other people of the lake - the Ojibwe and the Nords alike, and the Cree to the South. He does not care if the Eagle Clan return and sweep them away, or if the giants and wendigo and maymaygweshi form an army and push humanity away from the lake and into shallow graves and cooking pots. His only concern is that his house maintains power over Tammisaari and Isle Royale, and that his kingdom remains intact. He will go so far as to ally himself with the Eagle Clan and the giants if he must.

I have kept my opinion to myself, but I will not honor his request to slay you.

Now the only thing we must decide is what you shall tell the King's men when you return to Tammisaari."