Heward's Stalwarts are a group of semi-retired adventurers known for a variety of great deeds, including slaying the Earl of Giants, banishing the Wendigo King, out-gambling Gichi Nita Ataaged, forging the HammerSword, and stealing the Obsidian Throne of the dark elves. Although the are semi-retired, members of the group still venture forth from time to time, and they are regarded as one of the treasures of the lake for their fearlessness and resourcefulness. They are based out of Heward's Hall on Isle Royale, and often travel in a ship known as The Thunderbird.


Heward, a fighter known to be physically indestructible. He is the wielder of the HammerSword and the wearer of the Meshupeshu Mail.

Meredith Greenstockings - Half-Ojibwe and hailing from the Duck Clan, Meredith is known as one of the best spellcasters and enchanters on the lake.

The Paladin Charles - Heward's natural successor save for the adventurer's son, David, Charles is also known as the Dragonslayer.

Frank laMorte, a rogue, assassin, and master of poison. He is based at Heward's Hall but travels widely on the Wendigo Coast looking for rare herbs, lost artifacts, and mineral tailings.

David de Heward, Heward's firstborn son, and a fierce fighter in his own right. He is seen as the heir to his father's fortune and mantel, but is perceived by some as not ready for the task.

Paul Bonaserra, the druid, who is said to know every square foot of Isle Royale, the Apostle Islands and the Kee Peninsula.


Melacanotta, the rogue and Heward's former mistress, banished by Heward's current wife, the Lady Julia Smith. She has been linked to Jean Martel

The ranger Sven Stahlsbard, also known as The Rat for his betrayal of the group to a Cree Clan that nearly killed every member of the party. He is supposedly on the run in Cree Country to this day, and the Stalwarts have put up a 250 markka reward for his capture or a 100 markka reward for his death.

Brother Pontormo, the monk, who has subsequently left the lake to establish a monastery somewhere to the south and west in Lakota country.

Sanka, the battle mage, who has retired to an eccentric lifestyle of food product development in his keep north of Isle Royale near the territory of the Great Bear clan.