The legendary adventurer Heward is among the Lake's greatest living heroes, having led the expedition to kill the Earl of Giants (thus sparing New Brevik and Tammisaari from a deadly, full-on invasion of giantkin) and also for being among the few warriors to explore and return from the Wendigo coast. Old but not feeble, he now lives on a marvelous compound to the north and east of the city proper, accompanied by his wife, children, and grandchildren, as well as several of his band, known as Heward's Stalwarts. His marvelous ship, The Thunderbird, launches from a private dock, although in recent years it has been kept in dry dock for preservation.

Heward's Hall includes a number of features that make even the king of the elves jealous, including a portal to the Bazaar (an inter-planar trading depot in the Plane of Fire), a Hall of Illusionary Entertainments, and one of the world's finest telescopes. The wine and beer library is also well known regionally, and when Heward opens his hall to guests, the fare and entertainment is absolutely splendid.