Though of Nordic extraction, Harl Jarlsson has always felt most at home amid the trees and back-country, and when he was offered the opportunity to emigrate to the great wilderness of Vinland, he jumped at the chance. Driven by a curiosity about the native flora and fauna, he spends most of your off hours walking the woods near New Brevik learning about hissurroundings and communing with native. He;s heard rumors of druids – and/or possibly elves – living on Isle Royale, and has resolved to get to the island at some point to learn what can be discovered there.

Jarllsson is a member of the New Brevik Travelers, and is the wielder of Waterbolt.

Spell choices:

Level 1 (six allowed):

Level 2 (five allowed):

Level 3 (three allowed):

Level 4 (one allowed):