Gichi Nita Ataaged is known as the manitou of gamblers and thieves. His realm is said to be a dark, wooded conical depression with the god's wigiwam at the depression's very center. It is inhabited by spirits of smoke, flame, and bone, which should be ignored, battled, and run from, respectively. The wigiwam itself is covered in the dangling, dried hands of gamblers who have lost them to the manitou in games of chance. The manitou's servant is Eetaawa, who himself is a hopeless gambler, a fact that visitors can use to their advantage.

The Travelers of New Brevik are said to have visited Gichi Nita Ataaged's realm; there they obtained the warped, animated wood that created Bear Face's Gambler's Bow. Plougastel the monk lost his hand to the manitou, but recovered the lost Monastery of Copper Point in the process.