Crafted by the master fletcher Kauppi of Tammisaari, The Gambler's Bow is shaped from a piece of wood taken from a slain animated fir tree from the realm of the Gambler God. It is owned by Bear Face of the New Brevik Travelers.

Kauppi's take on the bow's wood:

"This wood is fascinating - it feels completely unstable, as though it were about to explode, magically speaking, and yet it seems, paradoxically, totally stable and in balance. It's twisted, but organized. My guess is that I can craft quite an interesting bow for you using this stuff, but I can't guarantee that it will be 100 percent reliable. In fact, I can guarantee that it won't be 100 percent reliable. But it may still be a great bow, for all that."

The Gambler's Bow: +2 Long Bow - Every time you fire an arrow from this bow, roll a D12 along with the D20

1    - Something extremely lousy happens (DM's discretion)
2    - Arrow vanishes in midair
3-4  - Arrow wobbles unpredictably (-3 to hit)
5-8  - Bow fires as normal
9-10 - Arrow accelerates dramatically (double damage)
11   - Arrow triples (roll three times to hit, once for each arrow)
12   - Something extremely good happens (DM's discretion)