The Flail of Sorrows hails from a old Ojibwe wizard who dwelt on the Wendigo Coast. It passed through several hands before coming into the possession of King Pikko Vainola of Isle Royale, who kept it for private use as a weapon and torture implement until it was taken from him by the New Brevik Travelers after the Vote of February.

Each of the weapon's three heads was cast in some tarnished, extremely heavy metal from the severed head of a human child. It is profoundly evil - good characters should take all caution to destroy it, neutral characters dislike it actively, and even evil characters have a healthy respect for its dweomer.

+2 Flail of Sorrows: if a hit, roll 1-3 to determine how many heads connect, then d3 (once, twice, or three times) to determine which:

Head 1 - The Pummeler: dm 1-4 +2 x2 ; save vs. stun or be stunned next round

Head 2 - The Drainer: dm 1-4 +2 ; save vs. death magic or lose a hit point permanently

Head 3 - The Hexer: dm 1-4 +2 ; save vs. spell or be cursed (-1 to hit, -1 to damage, -1 to saving throws - cumulative) - Remove Curse necessary to correct