The Eagle Clan were an Ojibwe group of about 3,000 souls based on Michipicoten Island. At some point around the year 800, they disappeared, led beneath the Earth by their leader, a powerful Tchissaki-winini named Long Knife who is linked to the cult of Matchi-auwish (the Great Evil). Another Eagle Clan leader, Wolf-at-Midnight, aided Long Knife.

Around 810, undead warriors with markings similar to those of the Eagle Clan began turning up on the shores of the lake, particularly near Loon Clan territory. It has been speculated that the clan is making a sinister comeback.

The New Brevik Travelers found some underground writing that hints at the Eagle Clan's fate:

"Wolf-at-Midnight Has Brought Us Underground to Where the Plano Were - We Are All Dead Unless He Is Stopped; The Lake is Dead Unless He Is Stopped."

Eagle Clan warriors tend to attack with axes chilled by the touch of death, and have a terrifying war cry:

Dm 2-8 by war axe - save vs. cold or shiver for 1-4 rounds (lose 1 hp, -2 to hit +2 to AC); Death scream: Save vs. Spell or flee for 1-4 rounds


Art by NCJ

Clan Statistics:

Color: Black
Population: 2,500
Traditional Weapon: War axe
Allies: None
Enemies: The living
Manitou: Matchi-auwish
Place of Power: Beneath Michipicoten Island

Special weapons: Soul-Taker Axe (perfect 20 - save versus spell or lose your soul to the axe)