The village at Chequamegon / La Pointe is robust but small during the winter, somewhere around 500 souls - it's a disparate mix of Ojibwe from all clans, Nordic and Frankish travelers, wandering elves, and more. Come summer, the island's population booms to around 1,000 in preparation for the great Summer Solstice Festival. The festival attracts close to 10,000 souls from all walks of life and all points around the lake. The arrival of each attending clan chief is a cause for massive celebration on drums and flutes, as is the traditional arrival by royal catamaran of the Elven King or his envoy.

The festival is governed by a sacred truce - to commit theft or bloodshed during its 10 days of observance results in swift and public death by flinging from the Sacred Cliff onto the Sacred Rocks, the body to be eaten later by the Sacred Salmon and Sacred Seagulls.