Bloodwalker - Cleric spell

Level 3    Components: V, S, M
Range: Touch  Casting Time: 3 rounds
Duration: Sunrise to Sunset or Sunset to Sunrise
Saving Throw: N/a

A Serpent-Clan Tchisaki-Winini of LV 5 or higher can annoint a warrior a Bloodwalker.

COMPONENTS: Animal blood or human blood.

EFFECT: By painting a warrior in blood, the shaman gives the warrior +1 to hit, +3 damage. The warrior cannot wear armor for the duration of the spell. The warrior can also fight until brought to -10 HP (after that, death is instant and complete).

If human blood is used, go with +2 to hit, +4 damage, but there is a 5% / round cumulative chance during combat that the warrior goes insane, and attacks whoever is nearest until the spell runs down.