The Black Bear Clan is one of the two clans proximate to the Nord city of New Brevik. But unlike the New Brevik-allied Whitefish Clan, it has turned openly hostile toward the newcomers to the lake, joining the Giant Raid of 812. This has greatly strained its traditional alliance with the Whitefish Clan and helped build bridges with the Crane Clan, longstanding enemies.

The Black Bear Clan's capital is Tahquamenon, known as Paradise to the Nords. This collection of elaborately decorated black and brown wigiwams sits behind a remarkably secure wooden stockade enchanted to be both fireproof and resistant to extra-planar beings. The undead are also repelled by its enchantment.

Black Bear Clan warriors generally rely on their stealth and their skill with the bow and arrow, firing enchanted arrows that slow their enemies' attacks.

The clan's chief, The Equal Bird, is known as a canny negotiator who is interested in his clan's welfare first, last, and only. His shaman, Big Rock in Sunlight, has become the prime public cheerleader for a policy of extermination against the Nords since the Giant Raid.

Colors: Black and Brown
Population (rough): 6,000
Traditional Weapons: War club, long bow
Allies: Whitefish
Enemies: Crane Clan, Loon Clan, Serpent Clan
Manitou: Maudji-kawiss
Place of Power: Paradise / Tahquamenon

Chief: The Equal Bird
Shaman: Big Rock in Sunlight 

Special Weapons: Black Bear Arrows (save vs. paralyzation or be slowed to 1/2 attacks for four rounds)