If war is a conversation, arrows are the lingua franca of Lake Superior - nearly everyone uses them and understands the ins and outs of wind, leading a moving target, arching over cover, and so forth. Arrows have a spiritual meaning for the clans, imbued as they are with power representative of their group's spirit and history.

Prices given for late 813 Tammisaari; your prices may vary.

Arrows (1 dozen) - 15 penni

Signal arrows: Shrill, Bird Cry, or Moan Arrows - 30 penni

+1 Arrows        - 2 markka

Siren Arrows: Call to nearby wildlife and lure them to the scene - 25% nothing, 50% small deer or multiple pheasant, 15% large deer or elk, 10% bear - 2 markka

+1 Black Bear Arrows: Save vs. paralyzation or be slowed to 1/2 attacks for four rounds - 3 markka

+1 Blackhawk Arrows: If struck, save vs. spell or sleep for 1-4 turns or woken by combat - 4 markka

+1 Great Bear Clan Arrows: Leave a cloud of fog or steam in their wake, obscuring vision - 3 markka

+1 Lake Trout Arrows: Demons, Elementals, and other extra-planar beings save vs. spell or become unsummoned - 6 sp in Aaltatara

+1 Meteor Arrows: Burst into flame for an additional d4 damage at velocity, can engulf opponent in flame if theyíre wearing flammable gear and fail save) - 4 markka

+1 Plano Arrows: Save vs. spell or be knocked backward 3" for an additional d6 damage - not for sale, only discoverable in old tombs.

+1 Serpent Clan Arrows: Save vs. Fear or flee for 2 rounds - 4 markka

+1 Soul-Claimer arrows: A roll of 20 sucks up enemy soul; 18 or 19 absolutely stuns them for 1-4 rounds (i.e. they can be dispatched by a throat-cut, etc.) - 6 markka

+1 Sunray Arrows: Hit 100 percent of the time (1 is a miss, 20 still doubles damage) - do 2-12 damage - pierce through up to three opponents and/or objects) -  6 markka

+1 Thunderbird Arrows: 4d6 lightning bolt to target (save for half damage) - target and all adjacent save vs. spell or be stunned for 2-5 rounds - 12 markka

+1 Whitefish Arrows: Extra 1-6 damage to evil creatures, 2-12 damage to undead - 4 markka

+1 Wintermoon arrows: Freeze an enemy solid for an extra d6 damage; potions save vs. magic or explode) - 4 markka