Aalbargast the Younger is the head of a coven of druids located on the slopes of Mt. Ukkova, with a shrine near Pori. He is said to have come, with his father, from the old world in 780 or even earlier. Under his direction, the druids of Ukkova have dwindled in number but increased in power as he has pulled away from contact with elven and human society and dedicated his order to studying and worshipping amongst the trees and rocky outcroppings of the mountain they call home. All Ukkovan druids can transform at will into and out of the form of a rock dove, and most wield scythes and/or slings that propel powerful Ukkovan sling stones. The druids of Mt. Ukkova are known to drink hemlock wine, an pungent, tannic beverage that is poisonous to those from outside the order. But they prefer elven brandy when they can get it.